Dental Exams

Check-ups are provided by the dentist every 6 months, usually at your cleaning appointment, or at another time if this is preferred.

Exams include:

  • Examination of diagnostic x-rays: These are used to detect decay, bone loss, infections and other possible concerns. New films are usually taken just once a year but past films are readily available to compare with
  • Oral cancer screening: All soft tissues as well as the teeth are checked at exams to ensure all tissues are healthy
  • Tooth examination: All surfaces of each tooth are very carefully checked for tooth decay, broken areas that are at risk for developing decay, and to make sure all existing restorations are stable.
  • TMJ: The jaw joint is a common area for people to develop problems with pain, trouble with opening or locking in place. This is also checked at each visit to catch issues early, before they become a bigger problem.